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You might need them all, or just one. Hover over the elements below to find out more. 


 Advise on how to achieve the cleanest recordings for your podcast, using the equipment and environment you have to work with.

Recording // Consultation


Removing Erms, Ahhs, mistakes, re-takes, thinking

& long silences. Attenuating background noise and distracting sounds for the best listening experience.

Podcast //
Audio Editing


Selecting and manipulating licensed music, or creating custom sounds and music to enhance your story.

Sound Design //

Audio restoration.
Processing dialog for clarity and listening experience.
Blending elements & creating space. 
Balancing volumes. 

Mixing // Engineering


Whether I am editing your interview podcast or sound designing an intimate story, we always start with communication. 


You record your podcast and send me your files (or I download them from your ftp). We will find a flow that works.

I create your Podcast

I do my thang.

your Podcast file

I send your podcast file back to you within the agreed time, ready for you to upload.


A typical workflow for an interview style podcast.

Emma @ Edited

"We've worked with Ross for a long time now and he always does an amazing job and turns over episodes by our deadline. He needs very little guidance to understand how to make sure the episode flows. And even when our audio quality hasn't been the best, he's always managed to salvage the episode so that the listeners can focus on the content. Would highly recommend reaching out to Ross if you need help with your podcast editing!" 

Lune @ Monday Muse

"Love working with Ross!"

Jim @ Planet Pod

"Brilliant - Ross was an enormous help in troubleshooting and sorting out some problems with recording hardware & software set up in our small podcast studio. Ross attended on site and was methodical and thorough in working through the problem. He was realistic about what he might be able to do but exceeded expectations. Ross also gave great advice/pointers about podcast audio quality. Would def go to Ross again for support. 5*"

Podcast editing prices start from £100 per episode.

Get in touch with information about your podcast vision. Please include the company name and the service you are looking for. 

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